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t that paled, September 1▓/September 21, 2015). According to a report at the USA Today website on August 17, 2015, a total of 3▓7 percent of women said they had experienced some kind of online harassment. A total o▓f 54 percent of Hispanics and 51 percent of African Americans said they had experienced o▓nline harassment. Also, women were more likely to be targ▓ets

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of serious cases in which they were stalked and sexually harassed (www.usatoday.c▓om, August 17, 2015). Another article at the USA Today website on December 11, 2015 reported t▓hat Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City p▓olice officer, was convicted of sexually assaulting wo▓men he preyed upon in a low-income neig▓hborhood he patrolled. He was convicted of 18 c

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